List of Felonies

List of Felonies

A felony is a serious crime. In the United States, offenses that are punishable by a prison term of more than a year. Less serious criminal offenses are referred to as misdemeanors.

The unlawful taking of another person's life with intent is a serious criminal offense. Being convicted of this crime may mean that the individual could be sent to prison for a term set by the judge, including up to life in prison, such as in some cases of second degree murder. A first degree murder conviction carries the harshest sentence, of either life in prison or the death penalty.

Sexual assault cases are another example of crimes that are included on a list of felonies. Acts of forced intercourse on a female or a male victim are serious criminal offenses. An accused person could be sent to prison for a several years, depending on whether the perpetrator used a weapon during the crime and if the victim was maimed or killed.

Armed Robbery
Armed robbery is another example of a serious criminal offense. It involves taking something the belongs to another person by force, and using a weapon during the commission of the crime. The penalties for this felony vary, depending on the jurisdiction where the offense was committed.

The crime of arson can involve willfully setting fire to a building or a wooded area. In cases where a victim was killed or maimed as a result of the fire being set, this offense will likely be prosecuted as a felony offense. The level of damage to the property will also be considered when deciding whether this crime will be prosecuted as a felony or a misdemeanor.

Illegal Drug Sales
Selling controlled substances is a felony offense in the United States. In some jurisdictions, being convicted of selling drugs near a school means an automatic prison sentence. If an individual supplies drugs to someone else and the buyer dies, the drug seller will face a much longer prison sentence than if he or she was simply convicted of distributing the drugs.

A kidnapping occurs when one person forcibly takes another away against their will and keeps them forcibly confined. In the United States, when a kidnapping victim is transported over state lines, the crime is treated as a federal offense. The punishment for this item on the list of felonies is a prison sentence.

A person who betrays his or her country can be charged with treason. This crime is not a common one in the United States, but a person who is found guilty of assisting an enemy of the country will be facing a stiff prison sentence and will be required to pay a fine.

Income Tax Evasion
Willfully failing to report income or providing false information on an income tax return may be prosecuted as a felony. On conviction, an individual can be sentenced to prison for several years and required to pay a fine.